East Yorkshire Tops Apprenticeship Take-ups

More youngsters in East Yorkshire are signing up to apprenticeships than anywhere else in the country.

A North-South divide is emerging on the take-up of Apprentices places, with the biggest rise in East Yorkshire, according to new research.

A study showed that 70% of apprenticeships were going to youngsters in the North of England rather than in the South.

The study found there's been a 15% rise in the East Riding of Yorkshire compared to only 1% rise in the South.

 Jane Scott Paul, chief executive of the Association of Accounting Technicians, who did the study said: "One in five 16 to 24-year-old's in the UK are currently not in employment, education or training and this problem is one that won't go away.

 "If the Government is committed to providing funding for apprenticeships, employers, schools, parents and young people themselves need to be aware of these opportunities and, more importantly, see them as the best route into jobs and a career."