Calls For More HIV Testing in Yorkshire

20 minute HIV testing is available at 50 places across Yorkshire over the next week.

Public Health bosses in Leeds believe 1 in 500 people aged between 15 and 59 in the city have HIV, but around a quarter don't know they have the infection.

It's estimated half of all new infections come from people who are infected but don't realise they are.

If you have HIV, treatment has never been so effective and the sooner you know, the better the outcome for your long term health.

Doctors say if you get diagnosed early, with a small amount of medication, you can live a full and healthy life.

Capital's been speaking to Emma who got diagnosed HIV positive in 2005 and is now pregnant.

Hear her story her:EMMA'S STORY 

For more information about where to test during National HIV Testing week go to the clinic finder on,