Bradford Serial Domestic Abuser Jailed

A man’s been sent to prison for life after abusing 6 people over 30 years.

50-year-old Brian Jackson of Hall Lane in Windhill, Shipley’s been sentenced to life imprisonment at Bradford Crown Court after being found guilty of a series of sexual, domestic and violence offences against six victims over three decades.

Police found out about these offences in October 2010 when a woman reported an incident that had taken place 13 years earlier.

Police linked this to a similar incident 2 years earlier and after further investigation the police uncovered a 30 year backlog of abuse against 6 people.

Brian Jackson was investigated and police spoke to women in his life going a far back as 1978.

Jackson was trialled for 12 serious offences, not only against several women but also against a man.

Senior Investigating Officer, Detective Chief Inspector Lisa Griffin said:

"Jackson subjected his victims to a catalogue of violence, serious sexual and domestic related offences spanning some considerable time. Through a combination of threats and humiliation tactics he took away their freedom, attempting to control every element of their lives.

"It has taken a great deal of courage for his victims to give their evidence and I would like to commend them for their brave efforts. Their evidence, given at Bradford Crown Court was so harrowing at times, that many people in the courtroom were reduced to tears.

Following the case, one of his victims gave this statement:

"It is 20 years since I was physically and sexually abused by Brian Jackson and although outwardly I managed to pick up the pieces and get on with my life, inwardly this man has haunted me and has still caused me many sleepless nights.

"I knew of people who had suffered sexual abuse around the same time as me and I heard of the appalling way they were treated by the authorities and this was the reason that I did not report my horrific experiences to the Police.

"I eventually reported it to the Police in 2011 and was dealt with in a very gentle, caring and compassionate, but professional way.

"In speaking about my very personal experiences, I was put at ease and made to realise that I was being believed.

"The different ways of presenting my evidence was outlined to me and I found it very comforting to know to that if I wanted, I could give evidence whilst screened from my attacker.

"I was aware that I could have my evidence video recorded, but I chose to face my attacker and give my evidence in open court.

"I would like to encourage anyone who is, or has gone through a similar ordeal to take courage from me and report your concerns to the Police, knowing that they do take domestic violence and sexual assaults very seriously and treat the victims with respect."