Bradford Police Anti Social Arrests On Facebook

The City Ward Neighbourhood Policing Team is to provide regular updates on their social networking site as part of a six month operation.

Posts will include details of officer’s recent activities including the latest seizures, arrests and charges.

It comes as Alcohol Awareness Week moves into full swing across the District.

City Centre NPT Inspector Kevin Pickles says it will enable people to quickly see what their local officers are doing to ensure their safety:

“There is a great deal of work going on in the City to tackle alcohol related anti social behaviour and it is important for people to see all that we are doing.

“In the first week alone there have been 4 arrests, 90 people have been stopped, 3 people have had alcohol confiscated and 7 have been given direction to leave the City Centre.

“The Facebook site for the City Ward Neighbourhood Policing Team will provide a quick and easy way for members of the public to learn about our latest activities.

“The advantage of Facebook is that we can provide bite size, factual and relevant posts which are easy for people to access at a glance.

“Despite being in the initial stages of this operation, we have already seen some early success and we want local people to be able to see this as it happens.

“Photographs of this partnership work being conducted will also be posted on our Facebook site and we will be looking to answer any concerns highlighted.

“People may not always be aware of the amount of work local officers are doing to tackle the issues and this online method brings all that together.”