AUDIO: Capital Sneak-preview At Leeds Arena

28 February 2012, 13:59 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Capital has had a behind the scenes look at how building the Leeds Arena Going.

Building of the 12,000-seater venue started back in May 2011.

The arena at the Claypit Lane site in Leeds city centre will hold 13,500 thousand people both sitting and standing.

The first event will hopefully be held in early 2013.

It will also have 24 executive boxes and a restaurant.

The council says it will have soundproofing to “minimize disturbance to the arena’s neighbours”.

When finished it will hold events like music concerts, theatre shows, comedians, basketball, boxing and wrestling.

It’s estimated to cost around £55-60 million, but overall it will cost in the region of £80m, which includes buying the land.

Construction Company BAM, who are building the venue say they are currently working on time and on budget.

Capital’s Marie Christopher’s been given a sneak peak at Leeds Arena, have a listen below-

Leeds Arena - behind the scenes

Take a look what it will look like when its finished-

Leeds Arena fly through animation video from Leeds City Council on Vimeo.