Appeal To Catch Killer Ten Years On From Barnsley Arson

8 September 2011, 13:36 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Ten years after a Barnsley teenager was killed in a house fire detectives are still trying to trace who did it.

Seventeen-year-old Lindsey, died after a fire was started deliberately in the house where she was staying.

South Yorkshire Police have worked on this case over the last ten years and made several arrests, however, no-one has yet been charged with her murder.

It happened on Saturday, 8 September 2001, Lindsey was staying with friends at 86 Milgate Street, Royston.

At around 4.30am, a fire was started deliberately at the door of the house. Lindsey was rescued by fire fighters from the first floor of the house, however she had already suffered from the fire and smoke fumes. After she was revived, she was taken to Barnsley District Hospital and then transferred to the Royal Hallamshire in Sheffield for specialist treatment.  She suffered 18 per cent burns and smoke inhalation.

Late on Monday, 10 September 2001 Lindsey Chezine Scholes, from Queens Way in Royston, sadly died in the Royal Hallamshire from injuries caused as a result of the fire.

Detectives believe accelerants were used to start the fire and there was no clear motive for the attack.

A number of people have been arrested in connection with this investigation but so far, no-one has been charged with Lindsey’s murder.

Speaking earlier today Lindsey's mum Jackie said:

'I am hoping that this anniversary of my daughter's murder will trigger people's memories and someone will come forward with information to help police.

'Me and my family grieve for our Lindsey everyday; we feel the horrific loss and the gap she has left in all our lives. It's been very difficult to come to terms with the circumstances in which we lost our Lindsey and time has not been a healer, especially as we don't know who started the fire and why.

'When I go anywhere in Royston, like to the shops, I don't feel comfortable, I wonder if Lyndsey's killer is nearby and do they know I'm her mum. I think someone living locally must know something that can help - help the police and help me through this nightmare.

'I see Lindsey's friends - all grown up and now having children of their own and I wonder if I'd have been a grandma by now. It's heartbreaking that Lindsey never had the chance, to get married, to have children, all this was taken away the night of the fire.

'Lindsey was a fantastic young woman, full of life and loved her family and friends. She deserves justice and we owe it to her, to do all we can to get the justice she deserves.

'Think how you would feel if this was your daughter, your granddaughter, your sister that had died like this. How would you feel? What would you be going through?

'It's been ten years, but please think back to the night of the fire and contact police if you remember anything, anything that could help.'

Senior Investigating Officer, Detective Superintendent James Abdy said:

'During the late evening of Friday 7th September 2001, a party took place at 86 Milgate Street, in the Royston area of Barnsley. This continued into the early hours of the Saturday 8th September, which was ten years ago today.

'17 year old Lindsey Scholes had been temporarily living at that address and was at the party with many other local youngsters.

'Around 4:30am, after the party had finished, a fire was started deliberately at the door of 86 Milgate Street and spread into the house where Lindsey was sleeping. Her two friends escaped from an upstairs window and fire fighters forced entry to the house to rescue Lindsey.

'Unfortunately, Lindsey was uncouscious and it is possible that Lindsey knew the person or people that started the fire. Historically, a number of people were arrested in connection with this investigation but so far, no-one has been charged with Lindsey's murder.

'This incident has, and continues to have a significant impact on Lindsey's family and the community of Royston. South Yorkshire Police remain determined to bring the person responsible for Lindsey's death to justice.

'As with any unsolved major investigations, this case has been regularly reviewed and we are appealing to the public for information on the ten year anniversary.

'I am specifically appealing to people who were in Royston at the time, regardless of whether or not they still live in the area. I know asking people to remember the events from ten years ago is not easy, but think back, this was the weekend before the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

'Were you in Milgate Street that Friday night or the early hours of that Saturday morning? Have you overheard anyone talk about this terrible crime? Perhaps the offender may have confided in you ten years ago and you were too scared to come forward.

'People's lives change, relationships breakdown and they move on. Lindsey's family cannot.

'There is a good chance that the answer to this case rests in the local community. All we need is that vital piece of information that may assist us to get justice for Lindsey and her family.'