Adam Chadwick: Renewed Appeal For Information

24 June 2011, 18:48 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

There's a re-newed appeal for information after a dad of 1 was gunned down in Leeds exactly three years ago today.

On the third anniversary of Adam Chadwick's fatal shooting the detective leading the search for his killers has urged those with information about his murder to search their conscience and contact police.

Detective Superintendent Dick Nuttall, said: "Adam's family were left devastated by his death and have to live with their loss through each passing day.

"From the beginning of this enquiry we have always believed the key to solving Adam's murder lies within the communities of Leeds.

"I still firmly believe that's the case and that there are people within the city holding the vital piece of information that will unlock this case and bring Adam's family some sense of justice and closure."

Adam was shot at his sister's home in Clifton Mount, Harehills on Tuesday 24 June, 2008. He died two days later in hospital.

He had been visiting his sister when, at 10.40pm a woman and three black men wearing masks and camouflage clothing came to the door of the house. A disturbance followed during which Adam was shot.

Detective Superintendent Nuttall added: "With the length of time that has now passed someone may feel in a position to come forward and speak to us.

"I would urge that person to think about the potential difference they could make to Adam's family, who are desperate to know why he died and who was responsible.

"Anybody contacting myself or the enquiry team can be assured their information will be treated in the strictest confidence."