60kg Of Mephedrone Seized In West Yorkshire

14 April 2011, 10:09 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Police have seized 60kg of Mephedrone across West Yorkshire since it was made reclassified last April.

Mephedrone, also known as M-Cat and Meow Meow, was reclassified as a Class B drug on 16th April 2010.

A year on and West Yorkshire Police have arrested 200 people for offences in relation to the drug, such as possession, intent to supply and importation.

However, since it became a Class B, sales and distribution of Mephedrone have reduced, along with the number of street seizures by Drug Teams.

Anyone who is caught selling the drug is warned that they will be taken to court and any assets they gained through dealing will be taken from them.

A Mephedrone dealer can be sentenced for up to 14 years and a user for up to five years.

There are still problems of 'legal highs' on the market and the Police stress these are dangerous even if they are still legal.

Force Drugs Co-ordinator, Bryan Dent said, 'We have not seen a rise in the use of other 'legal highs' and the use of Mephedrone appears to have decreased. However, we are not complacent and my message still remains the same: M-Cat or any other legal high can have serious side effects that could put your life at risk and are extremely dangerous if you consume with alcohol or other drugs'

The Police have said they will 'provide support to those who are caught up in drug abuse.'

Bryan Dent continued, 'While our agenda is not to criminalise people who use Mephedrone it does not mean we will turn a blind eye to those using the drug. They run the risk of getting a criminal conviction but we will encourage them to seek medical help.'