6 Arrested In York Nurseries Probe

9 September 2011, 13:01 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Police in York have arrested 6 women in connection with claims of neglect at 2 York nurseries.

The women aged between 18 and 28 have been questioned and released on bail.

A joint inquiry was launched by the Police, council and Ofsted last month into the nurseries, Little Joes on Fishergate and Heworth House in Melrosegate.

We're told there's no allegations of sexual abuse - both nurseries have remained open during the investigation.

A joint statement from the City of York Council's Safeguarding Children Board, North Yorkshire Police, and Ofsted said:

'This is an ongoing joint investigation between the City of York Safeguarding Children Board, City of York Council, North Yorkshire Police and Ofsted into the running of two privately owned nurseries in York, Little Joes in Fishergate and Heworth House in Melrosegate.

'We have been heartened by the support provided by parents of children attending the nurseries and we remain committed to providing support and information, where possible, to parents as the investigations progress.

'The arrest of individuals by the police is standard practice where they have reasonable suspicion that someone may have committed an offence and this action should not be taken as an indication that offences of a more serious nature have emerged.

'Enquiries are continuing. We appreciate that this will continue to raise anxieties for parents of children in the nurseries, but we would like to stress that the welfare and safety of children is the primary concern.

'The nurseries have remained open throughout the investigation and we are now working with the nurseries' management to ensure that any issue or concerns that arise in the course of the enquiries are addressed.

'Any parents who have concerns can contact an advice line set up by City of York Council's Family Information Service on 01904 554444, by emailing fis@york.gov.uk or sending a text message with your name and contact details to 07624 802244.

'This service will be monitored over the weekend and parents will be contacted as soon as possible within working hours between 9am to 5pm.'