Wrexham Celebrates Armed Forces Day

21 June 2014, 06:00 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

The Armed Forces are being recognised in Wrexham with a big event taking place in the town centre.

The Army and RAF Corps of Drums will march through the crowds to mark the start of the formalities of the day.

Afterwards, there'll be entertainment for all members of the public, including circus acts, a military village, and a Griffin helicopter.

Councillor David Griffiths, Armed Forces Champion, says it won't be a celebration of war, but a recognition of the effort given by military personnel past, present, and future, and that it's important the public don't forget that the Armed Forces are prepared for 'the ultimate sacrifice.'

The event will also be an opportunity to show gratitude to the troops' families.

The Armed Forces Day has faced some criticism, however.

Wrexham Council's defending its decision to use a photo of a little boy dressed in Army uniform with his soldier dad to promote the event.

The town's Peace & Justice Forum believes it's a way of recruiting young people, and that describing the day as 'family fun' is a way of glorifying war and combat, but the council says the event is a celebration of our troops and that the photo depicts that.