Plan to improve health of young people in Wales

7 November 2016, 14:17 | Updated: 7 November 2016, 14:22

Woman Smoking

Plans have been announced for a new public health bill, focused on improving the health of young people in Wales.

The bill would make it illegal for people to smoke on the site of schools, hospitals and in playgrounds.

It would also ban under 16s from getting intimate piercings, proposes everyone who carries out acupuncture, body piercings and tattoos will have to be licensed, and includes measures to stop under 18s getting hold of tobacco and nicotine through online deliveries from supermarkets.

Minister for Social Services and Public Health, Rebecca Evans said: "Many of the measures in the original Public Health Bill had strong support, which is why there was widespread disappointment when it wasn't passed.

"In re-introducing the Bill, we are retaining measures to restrict smoking in school grounds, hospital grounds and public playgrounds.

"At the heart of the Bill is the aim of promoting the health of children and young people. 

"Proposals such as the ban on smoking in school grounds and playgrounds is intended to prevent children from being exposed to smoking behaviours, making it less likely that they'll take up smoking themselves.

"The Bill also focuses on improving people's well being through, for example, ensuring local authorities plan to meet the needs of their communities for accessing toilet facilities."