Number Of Abuse Calls in Wales Rises

The NSPCC says there's been a huge rise in the number of emotional neglect and abuse referrals in Wales.

The charity's anonymous helpline, which offers support and advice to adults who are worried about child, is passing on nearly 50% more cases compared to last year.

New figures out today reveal that 263 cases were so serious, local authorities were called to step in and take action.

Between 2012/13, the figure was at 147, an increase of 79%.

Cardiff saw the biggest jump, where referrals went up from 27 to 59 in the space of 12 months.

Des Mannion, head of service for NSPCC Wales, told Heart:

"Emotional neglect and abuse cause real harm to children and we are supporting more people than ever before who want a safe, non-judgemental place in which to talk through their concerns.

"We're seeing greater awareness of these issues in the public and they want to talk to us so we can do something on their behalf.

"It could suggest there's a greater sensitivity in society, a greater awareness and maybe a sense of agency that it's OK to act.

The figures come as the UK Government says it's considered a new law to tackle emotional cruelty.

The so-called "Cinderella law" would update the current 1933 criminal offence of child cruetly to include emotional abuse and neglect, as well as physical abuse.

So far this year over 8000 people have contacted the NSPCC for their help.

It's warning those who will come into contact with children over the summer holidays to be extra vigilant to signs of abuse and neglect.