New Concussion Advice In Welsh Rugby

A new Concussion Guidance document is being sent out to every club at every level in Welsh Rugby.

It outlines the signs, symptoms and some of the myths of the head injury and encourages all involved in the game to adopt a zero tolerance attitude when it comes to incidences of suspected concussion.

The rules are aimed at anyone involved in rugby including parents, players, coaches, referees and volunteers so they can recognise symptoms of suspected concussion and act accordingly.

WRU National Medical Manager, Prav Mathema, says: "This guidance represents a big step forward in supporting everyone involved with the game in Wales to identify and manage concussion symptoms.

"We want as many people as possible in every club to be aware of the guidance and advice so that it becomes a truly effective means of dealing with concussion.

Wales international centre Jamie Roberts has says clubs should get involved with the new guidance straight away.

Telling us: "At the professional level we have excellent medical care, both on matchdays and during training periods. Rigorous, baseline testing is in force to ensure we don't return to play before we are fully ready so it is vital we do as much as possible to ensure amateur players are also protected.

"We all know the positives of playing rugby from a health perspective and through the values it fosters and represents, so this guidance will no doubt prove to be a great tool in encouraging greater participation."

Concussion Facts (via the WRU):

•Concussion is a brain injury
• All concussions are serious
• Concussion can often occur without loss of consciousness
• Players with any signs or symptoms of concussion must be immediately removed from playing or training
• Players must not return to play on the same day of any suspected concussion
• All players with concussion should be referred to a medical practitioner
• Players must not return to full contact sport until cleared by a medical practitioner
• Most concussions will recover with physical and mental rest
• Children and adolescents may take longer to recover following concussion
• Concussion can occur without an obvious blow to the head
• Recognise and Remove players with concussion to prevent further injury or even fatality