More Protests Planned For Cymdeithas

22 June 2014, 06:00 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Welsh language campaigners Cymdeithas say they insist on continuing their fight against the Welsh Government.

It follows their latest stunt, where supporters camped outside the Senedd in Cardiff Bay, insisting that Carwyn Jones change six language policies.

They're accusing the First Minister of delaying action and showing a lack of ambition following the results of the recent census, which showed a decline in the number of Welsh speakers.

Robin Farrar, Cymdeithas' chair , says the campaign has used these tactics over the years, and say they'll continue to use direct action when necessary, to draw attention to how important the Welsh language is to people accross Wales.

In May, three members were arrested after spray-painting "Addysg Gymraeg i Bawb" (Welsh-medium education for all), onto a Government building in Aberystwyth.

On the fourth of July, they'll be holding a conference in Cardiff Bay to discuss in detail what Carwyn Jones said in his announcement last Tuesday, and where pressure needs to be put over the coming months.