More people out of work in Wales

14 December 2016, 13:24

Sign outside a Job Centre

The latest set of figures show there's been an increase in the number of people out of work in Wales.

65,000 people were unemployed between August and October 2016 - up by 2,000 compared to the previous quarter.

However, the Welsh unemployment rate is still below the UK average and is lower than last year.

21,000 more people are now in work in Wales than in the same period in 2015.

First Minister Carwyn Jones said: "We are continuing to work hard to help create and safeguard jobs across Wales.

"These figures evidence our success in developing high quality employment opportunities.

“Thanks to our actions Wales is leading the UK with the highest rise in employment rate and one of the biggest falls in unemployment."

Across the UK the unemployment rate has fallen to a 10 year low of 4.8 per cent.

Work and Pensions Secretary, Damian Green said: "Employment has been running at an all-time high with more women, older workers and ethnic minority groups in work.

"But there is more to do to help people of all backgrounds and abilities into work."