Cardiff Mosque Closed After Burglary

A mosque in Cardiff has been forced to close after being smashed up by intruders.

Police are investigating after the Rabbaniah Islamic Cultural Centre in Grangetown suffered thousands of pounds damage after intruders pulled down the ceiling and ripped charity boxes from the walls.

Khalid Farid, from the charitable organisation, said he didn't know whether it was a racist attack in retaliation to IS atrocities or simply a violent burglary.

Mr Farid said: "It could be a racist attack or it could just be a burglary - but there is not indication it is a hate crime.

"This break-in will be devastating to the local community. It's terrible, people can't believe it.

"The damage is massive. At the end of the day we can't run this organisation until the roof is sorted, because we're a charitable organisation we don't have the money or ability to fix the roof yet.

"We're going to have to wait for the insurance.

"Because we're a charity-based organisation, we don't make anything, everything this organisation does is because of the money people give us.

"It's a waiting game until people are going to be able to come back in. They caused a lot of damage."

The cultural centre was completely wrecked by the violent intruders who stole at least £4,000 of money stored in charity collection boxes and locked safes containing wages for staff.

The burglars first broke into the main hall but then rampaged through the mosque and cultural centre - tearing down the internal roof to get up to the office on the first floor.

A spokesman for South Wales Police said: "We are investigating a burglary which occurred at the Islamic Centre some time between 9.30pm on Sunday September 14, and 1.30pm on Monday.

"Anyone who may have any information concerning this incident is asked to contact South Wales Police anonymously."