Suspended Worker Allowed Back To Job

A Portsmouth supermarket worker who was suspended for wearing a Help for Heroes bracelet and a poppy in tribute to Drummer Lee Rigby has been allowed back to work.

Bosses at the Morrisons store in the Victory Retail Park had told Adam Austin he faced disciplinary action when he refused to remove the items.

A Morrisons spokesman explained that staff were generally prohibited from wearing extra items to prevent objects falling into food products.

He said:

"It's all about food hygiene. The rules are the same in a restaurant kitchen as they are in a supermarket food preparation area.

"We have a dress code and the dress code is primarily around the health and safety of the staff member and the members of the public.''

The 28-year-old from Buckland was initially suspended, but the company reinstated him on Thursday May 27th. In a statement, it said it had "got the balance wrong" and said it backed the armed forces.

Mr Austin told the Portsmouth News:

"I was disappointed and partly furious.

"I have got friends in the army and friends who have been in the army. What with the issue with Lee Rigby, I wore them out of respect.''

The company says it's now changed its policy and workers not preparing fresh food will be able to wear a pin badge or bracelet to show their support for registered charities like Help for Heroes.