More Huge Heineken Brewing Tanks On The Move

14 January 2011, 12:25 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Some massive brewing tanks from the Heineken brewery in Berkshire will be making their way through Hampshire by lorry this month.

11 of them are being transported to Southampton docks over the next two weeks with a police escort - they're 28 metres long each, 6 metres wide and weigh 55 tonnes.

The first of these loads, which are brewing silos, was successfully transported on the 14th of January. They're now moving the rest of them two at a time, with a pair leaving just after 9.30 this morning (January 18th.) The rest will go in pairs on January 21, January 25, January 28 and February 1. Their final destination is Poland.

The route to be taken is: Tot Hill – White Hill – A34 South – Larks Barrow Hill – Newbury Road towards Whitchurch - Winchester Road – A34 South - Bullington Cross Interchange – A30 Bullington

Lane towards Sutton Scotney – A30 By Pass Road – Oxford Road – Winchester Hill – Christmas Hill  - A34 – B3420 Andover Road North (South) – B3420 Andover Road – Sussex Street – Upper High Street – B3040 Romsey Road – A3090 towards Hursley – Hook Rd – B3043

Hursley Road – B3043 Bournemouth Road – A33 Bassett Avenue – A35 Winchester Road – A35 Tebourba Way – A3024 Millbrook Road West - First Avenue – Dock Gate 20.

Jan Barfoot, abnormal loads officer for Hampshire Constabulary, said:

“Due to the laden dimensions these loads cannot use the strategic network, so will be travelling on more minor roads. This will take them through the centre of Whitchurch, Sutton Scotney and Winchester, which is obviously going to impact greatly on these areas and adjoining roads. 

 “We have informed Police Headquarters, Winchester Prison and Winchester Hospital, as each load will pass by these locations. Councils on route have also been informed as well as local bus companies, British Telecom and the county’s electricity providers."