Fire Destroys Heath In Southampton

27 July 2013, 06:25 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A number of homes were evacuated after a fire broke out on heathland in Southampton.

Firecrews were called to Peartree Common at 5.23 pm on Friday 26th July where fire had destroyed an area measuring approximately 200m by 400 m.

As the fire spread, nearby properties were evacuated by Police from Sea Road, Bryanston Road and Osterlily Road.

Incident Commander Mickey Smithers said: “Our firefighters worked quickly to dampen down the flames and surround the fire to stop further spreading, whilst working in extremely hot conditions.

“Fires in rural areas spread very quickly, particularly in the dry, hot conditions that we have had recently. We encourage the public to dispose of cigarettes, barbeques and glass appropriately”.

It's not yet known how the fire started and no one was injured but residents have now been allowed back to their homes, and the fire is now out.