Sturgeon Calls For White Paper Equivalent

The pro-UK Better Together campaign must set out in detail what a No vote in the independence referendum would mean for Scotland, according to Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

The Scottish Government has provided ``a compelling case for independence'' in its Scotland's Future white paper, and unionists must respond with a competing vision, Ms Sturgeon will say in a speech at St Andrews University today. 

The speech has been described as the ``curtain-raiser'' to the 2014 independence campaign as the referendum approaches on September 18. 

Speaking ahead of the St Andrews address, Ms Sturgeon said: ``The referendum is not a choice between change and no change. 

``It is about choosing the kind of change we want for Scotland and who we want to be in the driving seat of it - ourselves, or Westminster. 

``It is a choice between two futures. 

``That means that the consequences of both a Yes vote and No vote need to be considered carefully. And that means both the Yes and the No campaigns have an obligation to inform. 

``Those of us on the Yes side take that responsibility seriously. In November, the Scottish Government published the independence white paper, Scotland's Future, setting out the practicalities and opportunities of what will happen if Scotland votes Yes. 

``I believe it sets out a compelling case for independence. It gives robust, credible and common sense answers to the legitimate questions that people have. 

``I am happy to let you - the Scottish people - be the judge of it. 

``But to make an informed choice between these two futures, you also need to know what a No vote will mean for Scotland. 

``Now, as we enter this next, vital phase of the campaign, it is time for the No campaign to spell that out in detail to allow you to compare and contrast the competing visions for the future of Scotland and make your own minds up.''