Police Campaign Against Terrorism

6 March 2017, 08:13

Police generic

Police Scotland have launched an anti-terror campaign urging the public to help defeat terrorism.

The six-week campaign entitled Make Nothing Happen commenced on Monday and comes under the Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) initiative.

The campaign will run across radio and digital channels and urges the public to contact the police about suspicious activity by calling the anti-terrorist hotline or utilising the online reporting form.

Experts say recent research suggests the public are not always clear or confident about what they can do to help defeat terrorism and the ACT initiative aims to generate a step-change in equipping communities with the information they need.

Since 2014, the terrorist threat in Scotland has been set to "severe'' which means an attack is "highly likely'' with communities being advised to remain vigilant, but not alarmed and to go about their daily business as usual.

Assistant chief constable, Steve Johnson who leads Police Scotland's counter-terrorism unit, said: "Communities throughout Scotland have identified counter-terrorism as a key policing priority through their participation in the 'Your View Counts' consultation survey.

"We have conducted a number of high profile engagements and high-visibility patrols, aimed at raising awareness on our efforts to counter the threat from terrorism, and to provide reassurance to our communities.

"Police Scotland plays an important role in the UK wide effort to counter the threat from terrorism, and we fully support the 'Make Nothing Happen' campaign.

"One of Scotland's greatest strengths is its strong community cohesion, with cooperation between the public and the police being our greatest advantage against the terrorist threat.

"Communities defeat terrorism and by working together, we can stop terrorists and online extremists.''

"Police Scotland continues to work tirelessly with security partners to identify and disrupt the terrorist threat.

"We must all ensure that the threat posed by terrorists does not undermine the positive relationships that exist across communities in Scotland.''