Fast and Furious in Glasgow

Filming on the latest Hollywood movie to be shot in Glasgow will start today.

Fast 6, part of the Fast And Furious action franchise, will feature scenes filmed in Cadogan Street and the Broomielaw, in the city centre. It comes around a year after the city hosted filming for World War Z starring Brad Pitt and Cloud Atlas starring Halle Berry. 

The Fast And Furious films have featured Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and Paul Walker but none of the lead actors for Fast 6 will be in Glasgow for the shoot by the production's secondary film unit which starts at night. Roads have been closed around Broomielaw, Cadogan Street, Wellington Street and some other nearby streets from August 25 as the preparations began. 

Around 250 local and out-of-town crew members will be involved in the shoot which is due to continue until early next month. 

Bailie Liz Cameron, at Glasgow City Council, said: ``It's great that yet another major film is being made in Glasgow, further proof of our status as the UK's most film-friendly city. ``I'm sure that people in Glasgow will be looking forward to seeing how our streets look in this movie, as they do in so many other films.'' The production will have a significant economic impact on the city, the council said. 

Hollywood films and other broadcasting projects generated #20 million for Glasgow's economy last year, according to figures from Glasgow Film Office. The largest contributor was World War Z which brought in #3.33 million when it was on location in the city for 17 days last summer. Around 1,200 cast and crew descended on Glasgow, transforming parts of the city to look like streets of Philadelphia. 

Other productions which had a ``notable economic impact'' on Glasgow in 2011 are the films Cloud Atlas and Under The Skin, starring Scarlett Johansson, and television production Young James.