Alcohol Behind Student Rescue From River Wear

30 January 2015, 13:59 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A student is in hospital after being rescued from the water this morning just days after a review was held into river safety in Durham

Police have told Capital extensive alcohol consumption is behind the rescue of a Durham student from the River Wear earlier. 

The man is now safe but suffering from hypothermia in hospital. 

The alarm was raised at around 1.45am when a passer-by saw the student in the water near Durham Amateur Rowing Club.

Durham police officers formed a human chain with help from the fire service to rescue him.

The force have told Capital suggestions other people fell in are not true - and it could have been the fourth tragedy in the city. 

It comes exactly a week after Durham student Euan Coulthard was found in the water. 

Paulina Lubacz, Chief Operating Officer at Durham University, said:

 "We have been notified of an incident in the early hours of this morning (Friday) involving one of our students at the River Wear in Durham, which was attended by the emergency services. The student is safe.

 “The University would like to thank the member of the public who raised the alarm and the emergency services for averting a possible tragedy. We are working actively with partner organisations to address river safety.

 “The University is also contacting all students to notify them about the incident and urging them to take proactive measures to ensure their personal safety. Our advice is as follows:


- Ensure you drink responsibly

- Do not walk home by the river at night

- Do not walk home alone, and do not let your friends walk home alone”