North East Women Less Likely To Be Breathalised

4 December 2014, 06:00 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

New figures have found only a quarter of drivers breathalised on North East roads are women.

The figures come from a Freedom of Information request to forces across the country.

They show the number of people who were stopped and breath tested between August 2013 and August 2014.

They also show women drivers account for just 23% of tests in the year to August.

Police Force Number of
Women Tested
Number of
Men Tested
% Of Women    % Of Men      
Northumbria 2030 6811 23% 77%
Durham 1697 5076 25% 75%

On average 7% of women and 10% of men fail roadside breath tests.

Inspector Dave Little from Northumbria Police Motor Patrols told Capital:
"Whether you are a man or a woman you will be prosecuted if you are found drink driving. Our message to everyone is to think before you drink. Don't put your life, and other people's lives at risk, by getting behind the wheel after drinking.

We recently kicked off our drink driving campaign which will run throughout December and will see officers stopping and breath testing motorists of both sexes.

It's part of our road safety Operation Dragoon which is aimed at making the roads safer for everyone."