Ashington Man To Spend Christmas In Indian Jail

23 December 2016, 06:00

nick dunn

It appears time has ran out for a pirate-hunter from Ashington to be freed from an Indian prison for Christmas.

Nick Dunn, one of the so-called Chennai Six, is serving a five year sentence for weapons offences, but the group have always maintained they are innocent.

His family had hoped he would have successfully appealed his conviction in time for Christmas, but the judge is yet to return with a verdict.

But for a miraculous turn of events, he will now spend his fourth Christmas in India - leaving his family back in Ashington devastated.

The group were originally arrested on suspicion of weapons offences while working on an anti-piracy in October 2013.

After being jailed, they were then released as the charged were quashed - but Indian authorities refused to give the men their passports back so they couldn't return home.

In January last year the men were handed five-year-sentences.

Nick's sister, Lisa, has spoken to Capital:

Lisa said:
"It's not Christmas."

"We're one piece of the family missing - every day is hell for us."

"To mark a fourth Christmas without him is torture."

"Our family is continually being torn apart every single day."

It should start to get easier after four years apart but it doesn't, it gets harder and harder."