11 Year Old Scares Off Stockport Gunmen

7 June 2012, 18:08 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A young girl has used a curtain pole to scare off 3 men armed with a gun and a brick in Stockport.

The family were asleep in their home on Carnforth Road in Heaton Chapel when 3 men forced their way through the back door and walked up the stairs. 

They went into the parents bedroom, held a gun to the 43-year-old man's head and threatened his wife with a brick and demanded money and jewellery. 

Their three children were in the room next door and overheard what was going on and an 11-year-old girl ran into her parent's room and tried to hit the men with a curtain pole. The men ran off out the back of the house. 

The offenders are described as white men, they had their faces covered with balaclavas and wore dark clothing and with local accents. 

Detective Constable Matthew Whittaker said, "Although no one was injured this incident has had a profound effect on the victims as they were terrified in their own home. 

"I'd urge anyone who may have seen the offenders hanging round before the attack, or running away, to contact us."