Dr Alex’s Top Tips On How To Keep On Top Of Your Mental Health

25 May 2021, 14:55 | Updated: 25 May 2021, 16:38

Dr Alex writes about mental health in new book
Dr Alex writes about mental health in new book. Picture: Dr Alex George/Instagram
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Love Island's Dr Alex has plenty of helpful tips on keeping your mental health in check!

Dr Alex has long been at the forefront of discussions around mental health online, sharing advice as well as his medical expertise to help people through the power of the internet.

The Love Island Alumnus was appointed the Government Ambassador for Mental Health earlier this year and has since continued to be an online advocate for better mental wellbeing.

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He has has even released a book on the topic, Live Well Everyday: Your Plan for a Happy Body and Mind.

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The NHS doctor's debut book is "an invaluable toolkit for both physical and mental wellbeing, viewing them very much as interdependent on each other."

In a video for the Department of Education earlier this year, Dr Alex shared his tips on mental health for students, with many of his wise words being applicable to those outside of school - whether you're working or studying you should follow his advice!

We've rounded up some of Dr Alex's top tips on how you can keep on track of your mental health...

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Get outside

The famous doctor highlights just how imperative it is to get out and about every single day.

We're all stuck at our screens with school or work but as we begin to balance the blended work schedule and life becomes more normal, we need to make sure to get away from that blue light and into the sunlight!

Dr Alex talks about the importance of getting out and about
Dr Alex talks about the importance of getting out and about. Picture: Getty


We hear this one all the time...but it's so important to exercise! Dr Alex speaks on how being active boosts your blood flow, encourages your 'happy hormones' and endorphins.

The new author said: "I get home from A&E sometimes and think 'I don't want to do any exercise', but we know that it helps us!"

He advises that even a short 20-minute workout or a run will suffice! The doc is right - healthy body, healthy mind and vice versa!

Call a friend

Technology may have been our only means of contact for longer than we would have liked, however the best thing we can do for ourselves and others is to stay connected.

Dr Alex tells his audience: "Pick up the phone, have a video call, facetime!

"It feels good to open up and share how you're feeling with your friends too because they're probably feeling the same.

"I always make sure I call at least one friend every single day - it might make their day."

Staying in contact with loved ones is crucial
Staying in contact with loved ones is crucial. Picture: Getty

Eat Well

Food is fuel, if we don't eat enough of the right things then this is reflected in how we think and feel!

Dr Alex George says the following: "It's easy when you're at home to not bother having a good routine and diet.

"It does make a difference. Make sure you're getting the regular meals and getting as much green on your plate as you can - Doctor's orders!"

Be mindful of what you're eating and drinking
Be mindful of what you're eating and drinking. Picture: Getty

Sleep Routine

The amount of rest we get directly affects our ability to manage our day.

He advises us to try to develop a healthy schedule, blue light can disturb our ability to sleep therefore the doctor cautions us to try and not take our phones to bed with us.

This will regulate your mood, leading to quality sleep that makes us feel good for the day ahead!

Your sleep routine impacts your mental wellbeing
Your sleep routine impacts your mental wellbeing. Picture: Getty

The importance of reaching out...

Dr Alex goes into more depth about the importance of talking about your struggles, in his debut self-help book, Live Well Everyday.

He dedicated the project to his younger brother who he lost last year to a battle with mental health.

If you are affected by any of the issues raised in this article, please check our article on How To Get Help With Your Mental Health

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