What does "Sco pa tu manaa" mean? The phrase is all over Twitter

19 July 2019, 15:48

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Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

So you've probably seen the phrase "Sco Pa Tu Manaa" on social media – but what does it actually mean?

The internet always comes through with the most unique challenges and memes. Just this week, we've seen some wild 'spell coconut' memes. And the memes from the new Cats movie trailer are better than the trailer itself. But people have recently started using the phrase "Sco Pa Tu Manaa" on social media – and no-one quite knows why.

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In April, Ghanaian singer Kawoula Biov used the phrase as a lyric in his song, 'Daavi Neba'. The line was actually sung by featured artist Patapaa and soon people were filming themselves singing the lyric, which triggered the 'Scopatmanaa (or Skopatumanaa) challenge'.

Watch 'Daavi Neba' here.

Kawoula Biov -Daavi Neba ft Patapaa (Official Video)

What is the meaning of Sco pa tu manaa?

Because there are different variations in spelling Sco pa tu manaa, it has a few different meanings from different languages. According to Urban Dictionary, it's a Zambian word that means "one should express his or her own opinion on a particular topic or object".

But, Know Your Meme notes it as being a slang term that means "I’ll hit you" and "what experience does this remind you of" in Hawaiian. However, Google Translate recognises the phrase as being, "how much do you have".

Meanwhile, other results flag that it means "Where is that" in Malay or the word was made up for Kawoula Biov's song.

Whatever its origins, people are now using the phrase on Twitter to share their opinions on a particular subject. It works by sharing a photo of a discussion topic with the caption, "Sco pa tu manaa". Basically, you need to reply with what you think about it or an unpopular opinion on that subject matter.

How do you pronounce Sco pa tu manaa?


According to Dictionary.com, sco pa tu manaa is pronounced "skoh-pah-too-mah-nah".

Anyway, although the phrase has gone viral, a lot of people are still confused... and annoyed that it's being used constantly.

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