MrBeast responds after JackSepticEye claimed he ‘ruined YouTube’

5 September 2023, 14:54

MrBeast Supports Chris After Coming Out | YouTuber News

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Shortly after Jacksepticeye's comments about MrBeast went viral, the two settled their 'beef' and confirmed they had moved on.

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Are MrBeast and Jacksepticeye beefing? Is there drama? Well, there almost was. But the pair have now quashed the dispute that unfolded on social media earlier this week. But what happened?

The two creators, who are also both known for their philanthropy work and support of charities, came to blows on Twitter over the weekend (Sept 2) after a video of Jacksepticeye taking a lie detector test went viral.

In the clip, Jacksepticeye was asked if he liked MrBeast. He replied, 'No' and went on to explain why he thinks MrBeast "ruined YouTube".

"[YouTube] became more about views, money, and popularity than it did about having fun," he explained. "If he had fun doing those videos, they’d be longer. We'd see the fun."

Almost 40 million people have now watched the clip, with over 5000 people replying and quote tweeting with their own opinions – including MrBeast himself.

MrBeast and Jacksepticeye have quashed their beef following lie detector test drama
MrBeast and Jacksepticeye have quashed their beef following lie detector test drama. Picture: MrBeast via YouTube, Jacksepticeye via YouTube

In a now deleted response, MrBeast called the comments "insanely disrespectful".

"Sooo, I ‘ruined YouTube’ because I didn’t buy a mansion and sports cars and instead reinvested my [money] into making content/focused on doing good and inspiring kids to help people?" MrBeast wrote in a tweet.

"'If he had fun the videos would be longer.' What does that even mean, lol? You think I’d give up every hour of my life for 14 years if I didn’t have fun? This clip is insanely disrespectful IMO and obviously there is so much I could say about his content but I’ll just take the punches and be the bigger man. Sigh."

MrBeast's response, alongside JackSepticEye's initial comments sparked a heated debate online, with some agreeing with Jacksepticeye and others defending MrBeast.

Amongst the defenders was Ethan Klein, who wrote: "He’s wrong for that Jimmy. And no disrespect to Jacksepticeye, he’s a nice guy by all accounts, but he spent the majority of his career power posting two let’s plays per day… You don’t post that hard unless you’re trying to make a lot of money, let’s be real."

"The only difference between now and then is that Jimmy has absolutely dominated the space in a way no body ever has before, making content no one has ever made before. Actually, maybe the first time in YouTube history where the #1 person is also making the best content."

Others disagreed, with one calling MrBeast's videos "the fast food of YouTube content".

MrBeast responds after Jacksepticeye claims he "ruined YouTube"
MrBeast responds after Jacksepticeye claims he "ruined YouTube". Picture: via Twitter

However, shortly after the debate began, both MrBeast and Jacksepticeye shut down any conversation about a possible 'beef' brewing online.

"We messaged, we’re Gucci now," MrBeast wrote in a reply to the tweet containing the viral clip. And Jacksepticeye replied with a cowboy and a thumbs up emoji.

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