Michelle Phan tells followers she "healed" a man who was in a wheelchair

5 May 2022, 17:41

Michelle Phan explains BitCoin

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Michelle Phan's fans are worried that she has joined a cult following a series of Instagram Stories.

Michelle Phan has claimed to her followers that she's "healed" a man in a wheelchair after taking part in a meditation retreat.

Michelle Phan may be best known as an MUA, popular YouTuber and EM Cosmetics' founder. However, the 35-year-old star has recently begun using her platform to promote Bitcoin. Alongside her beauty vlogs, fans have noticed that Michelle has started making videos about cryptocurrency and she's even begun doing Bitcoin sponsored content for CashApp.

Now, Michelle has posted a set of Instagram Stories which have led fans to believe that she may have joined a cult.

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Michelle Phan tells followers she "healed" a man who was in a wheelchair
Michelle Phan tells followers she "healed" a man who was in a wheelchair. Picture: Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Moet & Chandon, @michellephan via Instagram

Last week, Michelle revealed on Instagram that she was at a meditation retreat and, days later, she shared a series of stories in which she claimed: "I healed a man who was in a wheelchair for years. He's not only walking now, but dancing with joy." Michelle then added: "I saw angels. I experienced complete bliss and joy that I've never experienced in my life..."

In a separate story, Michelle said: "One more note. This meditation retreat is not one of those relaxing spa ones. I'm clocking in 4 hours of sleep everyday, waking up at 3am to meditate for 5 hours straight, no breaks, not even for bathroom. Then we eat, then learn science for 2 hours, then meditate again, then break and then, meditate again. It's work."

When the retreat ended, Michelle shared even more Instagram stories adding: "Wow, taking time absorbing everything I experienced in the past 7 days. I've never been around so much loving energy, it was incredibly healing. I've always resonated with Dr Joe Dispenza's story on how he transformed himself using brain and heart coherence."

Michelle continued to say: "He was in an accident that broke his spine. Was told he'd never walk again, but he did not accept that as his truth. He reprogrammed his mind and now, walks and shares his experience on how he did it."

Michelle Phan tells followers she "healed" a man who was in a wheelchair (2)
Michelle Phan tells followers she "healed" a man who was in a wheelchair (2). Picture: @michellephan via Instagram

Michelle's stories have since gone viral on Twitter with many doubting her claims that she has "healed" someone who was in a wheelchair and other people worrying that the meditation treat she went to is part of a cult. One person tweeted: "i really watched michelle phan go from being an OG beauty guru & icon to a bitcoin+crypto shark/cult member".

Another added: "What happened to Michelle Phan? She went from makeup guru who created a great brand to being into N*Ts/B*tcoin and now claiming she’s “healing” people in wheelchairs on IG…this descent is extremely problematic, troubling, and ableist. Very cultish."

Michelle is yet to respond to her fans. We shall update you if she says anything further.

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