Lewis Capaldi just joined TikTok and the videos are already god tier

25 July 2019, 19:01

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Lewis Capaldi is everyone's new favourite TikTok celebrity and his videos have the internet thoroughly entertained.

Lewis Capaldi can always be counted on for a good laugh. The Scottish musician has an incredible social media presence and it's clear he doesn't take his online persona too seriously. Lewis recently joined TikTok (@lewiscapaldi) and, honestly, it's everything you've ever wanted from him and more.

Lewis launched his TikTok in late July with his signature dry humour. "Hello, it's me. Lewis Capaldi here. I just thought I'd check in to let you all know that I'm on TikTok now and I'm gonna be a massive celebrity on this. I'm gonna be huge. I'm gonna be the biggest thing on TikTok ever," he joked.

Everyone is loving Lewis' TikTok videos, including the ones where he duets with some pretty cringe-y characters.

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There is no shortage of people pulling faces and awkwardly licking their lips for attention on TikTok and people are living for Lewis' hilarious reactions to these videos.

To say people are entertained is an understatement.

Lewis is even inspiring people to sign up to the app just for his content.

"So made a TikTok account purely to watch Lewis Capaldi and now I think my depressions gone. Thanks babe x," joked one fan.

"Downloaded tiktok purely for Lewis Capaldi was not disappointed," tweeted another.

Lewis has entertained fans on Instagram and Instagram Stories for a while and it looks he's replicating that magic on TikTok.

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