Jaclyn Hill defends her "cancelled" Halloween costume following backlash

29 October 2019, 12:50

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Jaclyn dressed as the "cancelled" version of herself for Halloween following her lipstick controversy earlier this year.

Jaclyn Hill has addressed the backlash surrounding her controversial Halloween costume. The beauty guru hosted a Halloween party at a mansion in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, on Saturday night (26 October) and it was packed wall-to-wall with YouTubers.

Jaclyn’s YouTuber guests included James Charles, Nikita Dragun, Amanda Ensing and Patrick Starrr. And she didn’t scrimp on the party details either, splashing out on fresh red roses, neon lights and…a burger and fries conveyer belt.

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Of course, the costumes were out of this world too. James slapped on his best wig and wore a mirrored dress for his Halloween lewk, Nikita went as the PVC-clad version of her favourite anime character Naruto Uzumaki and Patrick painted himself blue and transformed into the genie from Aladdin. But Jaclyn’s costume was the real conversation piece.

Beauty YouTuber Jaclyn Hill visits Build to discuss the Morphe X "Jaclyn Hill Palette" at Build Studio.
Beauty YouTuber Jaclyn Hill visits Build to discuss the Morphe X "Jaclyn Hill Palette" at Build Studio. Picture: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images, @jaclynhill via Instagram.

Jaclyn came as the "cancelled" version of herself. Jaclyn's black mini dress had the words "JACLYN HILL IS CANCELED" and "SHE'S CANCELED" plastered all over it in red glittery letters. She also added some fake cuts and blood all over her body.

If you'll remember, Jaclyn was embroiled in a scandal in June 2019 when she released her own line of lipsticks. The lipsticks arrived "hairy" with "plastic balls" embedded into them, which Jaclyn said was down to the manufacturing process. Although she eventually apologised and said her customers would receive refunds, her initial hostile reaction to the backlash lost her a lot of fans.

Jaclyn wasn't the only one inspired by her lipstick drama though, YouTuber Sebastian Williams used Jaclyn's "hairy" lipsticks and made them into a pair of devil horns.

Whilst some of Jaclyn’s followers saw the funny side of her costume, others were "disgusted" that she was making light of the situation.

But Jaclyn's supporters defended her decision to wear the costume.

Jaclyn addressed the backlash on Twitter and made it clear that her costume wasn't aimed at her customers, but rather the fact that YouTubers are always getting cancelled and blacklisted.

"This costume has NOTHING to do with my fans or customers,” she tweeted. “It has to do with ‘cancel culture’ that has become so popular. I adore my subscribers & they know that!”

Jaclyn also stepped in to let people know that her costume was spelled correctly, after some criticised her for spelling cancelled "canceled" on her dress, which is the American way.

She tweeted: "For those of you who don’t have google or an iPhone…"

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