Self Harm In The East Midlands

23 June 2011, 07:41 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Almost 3 thousand under 18's are taken to hospital every year in the East Midlands for self harming.

Capital's got hold of figures to show how big a problem the issue is in the East Midlands, and the most cases come from Leicestershire where in 2010/2011 just over two thousand, four hundred under 18's were treated. In Nottingham last year, 165 under 16's were treated for self harming.

Derby hospitals also gave us their stats which were around the 300 mark, staff there are setting up a new scheme to help out patients. Anyone who has been treated following an episode of self harm is being asked by their Safeguarding Children Team to give their views on what they thought about their care.

Patient Feedback

The team in Derby has used some of its £10,000 bursary awarded to them for the project to employ a Barnardo's project team to work with staff, children and young people to develop staff skills in talking about these difficult and sensitive issues.

Jane O'Daly, Trust named nurse safeguarding children said:

"If you have been to the Royal Derby Hospital following an episode of self harm like cutting, taking tablets or you were thinking about harming yourself, and you are aged between 12-18 years old, we want you to tell us about how you felt about your care here"

If you want to get involved you just need to contact Donna or Norman on 01283 551 251 to talk about your experience and you will receive a £10 voucher to shop at Westfield. Or you can just go to to anonymously take part in a short survey.