Nottingham Mum "Won't Rest" Until Son's Killer Is Found

9 May 2018, 18:41 | Updated: 9 May 2018, 18:48

Aqib Mazhar

Almost two years after the murder of a 21 year old in Nottingham, his mum has told Capital she'll not rest until his killer's behind bars.

Aqib Mahzar was stabbed to death after his car was blocked in by a group of men in three cars in Russell Road in Forest Fields in 2016.

Five men have been jailed for his manslaughter, but police say they still haven't found the weapon and are searching for more clues.

Aqib’s mum, Shameem Akhtar, still lives in the area and has to drive past the crime scene every day. She said: "We have to live our lives without Aqib, knowing that the man who took him away is still out there.

"We are doing this so that someone out there who might have the tiniest bit of information comes forward, as it could be the piece to the puzzle that we need.

"Every day since his death has been agony. He leaves behind two younger sisters, an older brother, a father, and many other family members and friends who cared for him deeply and we just can’t put it to rest. We just want justice done and to be able to sleep at night knowing that this dangerous individual is behind bars."

The five men known to have been involved, all pleaded guilty to manslaughter and were jailed for a combined total of more than 44 years. They were: Mohamud Alasow, now 20, formerly of Hamilton Road, Nottingham; Junaid Farrukh, now 23, formerly of Heathermead Close, Oakwood, Derby; Mohammed Qasim, now 26, formerly of Staindale Drive, Aspley; Qamran Ahmed, now 23, also formerly of Staindale Drive, and Hamza Omar Adam, now 19, formerly of Berridge Road, Nottingham.

Detective Chief Inspector Rob Severn said: "We are still actively working on this case but we have pursued all avenues available to us in order to catch the killer. We really need someone to come forward who remembers something that they saw or a new witness who realises that they might have seen something suspicious.

"Perhaps someone who knows the group who were jailed, the group that we believe the murderer is connected to. We also haven’t yet found the murder weapon so if someone out there happens to have any information on that – please come forward. You can speak to Crimestoppers completely anonymously and you won’t be in trouble. Please help this devastated family to find closure."