Leicestershire DJ Jailed For People Smuggling

22 June 2018, 11:05 | Updated: 22 June 2018, 11:21


He was stopped at the Channel Tunnel in France in a VW camper van

A DJ from Leicestershire who attempted to smuggle nine illegal migrants into the UK has been jailed for four years and six months.

On Friday 13th May 2016, Border Force officers at the Channel Tunnel entrance in Coquelles stopped a British-registered VW Crafter van.

They questioned Kristopher John Salt, who said he had hired the van to go to Brussels and buy second hand tyres. Officers asked Salt to open the rear of the van and, hidden in a small space among the stacks of tyres, found illegal migrants. The group was made up of three adults and six minors, including a one year-old, comprising two family groups.

Paul Morgan, Director of Border Force South East and Europe said:

"Salt was happy to subject people, including small children, to the dangers associated with being transported in such conditions.

"Border Force officers will continue to work with law enforcement colleagues to ensure that people smugglers and traffickers, whose actions so often put the lives of others at risk, face the consequences of their crimes."

Salt, from Bosworth Road in Barlestone was charged with assisting unlawful immigration into the UK and was found guilty by a jury at Canterbury Crown Court on 20 June. He was sentenced at the same court on 21 June.

David Fairclough, CFI Assistant Director, said: 

"Salt's claim that he was not aware of the migrants hidden in the van was implausible, especially when considered in conjunction with the mobile phone message.

"I hope this case sends a clear message to anyone tempted to get involved with this kind of criminality - you will be caught and brought before the courts.

"We work closely with Border Force colleagues to rigorously investigate allegations of immigration related criminality."

The illegal migrants, who claimed they were from Iraq, found in the vehicle were passed to the French Police Aux Frontieres.