Kick It Out Praise LCFC

18 June 2015, 09:38 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Leicester City

Football charity, Kick It Out, say the way Leicester City have dealt with three players' professional misconduct is refreshing and positive.

The club has sacked three footballers, Tom Hopper, Adam Smith and James Pearson, after an explicit video turned up during their end-of-season tour of Thailand.

Kick It Out have told Capital the club has set the right tone and the decision-making pattern for the future.

'Refreshing to See'

Lord Herman Ouseley, Chair of Kick It Out, has told Capital:

'We note and welcome the statement issued by Leicester City FC this evening regarding the action taken by the club following the professional misconduct of three of their players during a post-season tour of Thailand.

'Leicester have set the right tone to allow football to assert itself in setting and maintaining the correct standards of conduct to enhance the game’s image here and abroad as a source for good.

'For too long, decision makers at the top of the game have been reluctant to make responsible and authoritative decisions, as employers, to deal effectively and decisively with incidents of serious misconduct and unprofessional behaviour, as well as applying appropriate sanctions.

'It is therefore refreshing to see such positive action being taken in 2015 which we hope will set the decision-making pattern for the future.'

'Committed to promoting a positive message'

Last night, Leicester City released this statement:

'Leicester City FC has notified Tom Hopper, Adam Smith and James Pearson that their contracts with the club have been terminated. The decision follows the conclusion of an internal investigation and disciplinary proceedings, as a consequence of events that took place during the club's end-of-season goodwill tour of Thailand.

'Leicester City FC is acutely aware of its position, and that of its players, as a representative of the city of Leicester, the Premier League, The Football Association and the club's supporters. It is committed to promoting a positive message of community and family values and equality, and to upholding the standards expected of a club with its history, tradition and aspirations.

'The club will make no further comment on the investigation, its finding or outcomes.'