Illegal Workers in East Midlands

Capital Fm's been investigating - and has found out 35 illegal workers were caught out at businesses across Derbyshire, Notts and Leicestershire since April 2010.

Uk Border Agency Officials visited more than 50 premises - after tip-offs from the public, and their own intelligence. 24 of those were found to have illegal staff working there.

Fines were given out to the employers of the 35 illegal workers - these could have been upto £10,000 pounds per worker - potentially costing the businesses £350,000 in total.

Phil Dyer - from the UKBA says it's not a victimless crime "what we find is people actually lose their jobs - people being paid minimum wage lose their job in favour of somebody who's not allowed to work in the UK - who'll be paid cash in hand, for less than the minimum wage. It's exploitation basically....This causes a lot of upset within communities."