Robber Attacks Gumtree Sellers

21 May 2015, 07:11 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A man's been attacking people in Nottingham who've been selling things on Gumtree, like Jackie, who had her phone stolen:

'I thought I was doing the deal for the phone and then he snatched it and ran.

'I've sold a lot of Gumtree and never had a problem, I didn't think meeting him at a tram stop was such a big deal.

'It was quarter past one in the day, I know there are cameras on the tram and I didn't think anything of it.'

Robber Knows What He's Doing

Jackie's one of five victims, one was punched in the head.

Nottinghamshie Police have told Capital they are linking the robbies.

PC Stephanie Clough has told Capital the robber knows what he's doing:

'We believe he knows the area quite well, the escape routes have been planned so he can't be followed in a car.

'He clearly knows what he's doing.'

Online Selling

Nottinghamshire Police say they know loads of people sell things online, like on Facebook and Gumtree, but they say sellers need to be cautious.

PC Stephanie Clough told Capital:

'Online selling sites like Gumtree and Facebook are proving such popular ways of buying and selling unwanted items online, but it is so important that people remain vigilant when arranging to meet prospective buyers and sellers.

'All we ask is that anyone using these internet selling sites stay on their guard when arranging to meet with anyone they do not know and that they do not travel to meet a prospective buyer or seller alone – especially if you are not familiar with the area.'