Capital Investigates: Drunkorexia

20 January 2012, 08:15 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A Capital investigation has found that a quarter of young women in the East Midlands would give up food in the day to save calories to drink at night.

We spoke to 300 women in Nottingham, Derby and Leicester about their drinking habits.

Extreme cases of this type of calorie counting is being dubbed 'Drunkorexia'.

India is 21 and from Derby, she told Capital she and her mates have done it:

'Yeah, definitely done it before. I think a lot of people do it actually.

'It saves money on drink but then at the end of the day you end of being more ill cus you haven't got anything in you.'

Capital Investigates: Women on Drunkarexia

'Surprised and appalled'

But what do the experts think?

Doctor Steve Ryder, a liver specialist at Nottingham's Queens Medical Centre, has been telling Capital that this sort of behaviour is a worry:

'Surprised and appalled I think is a fairly good description of it really.

'We know woman are more likely to get physical harm from alcohol anyway.

'Acting in this way, not eating and then saving up those calories to drink that's really about the worse thing you could possibly do for your health'

Capital Investigates: QMC Liver Specialist on Drunkarexia

Dr Ryder says this is not the direction women's drinking habits should go in the future.

Expert Backing

Alcohol Support group, APAS based in Nottingham, has backed the investigation into 'Drunkorexia' and say its important to raise awareness around the issue. 

Not only have we found that this is a rising problem but women are feeling pressure to stay slim and drink more alcohol with some even avoiding meals for TWO days before a big night out.

Capital Investigates: Alcohol Support Group