Trojan Horse: Ofsted Inspectors Go Back To Park View Academy

9 September 2014, 17:23 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Inspectors have been back at a Birmingham school put into special measures after the Trojan Horse allegations.

Five schools were found to be failing to protect children from extremism after claims strict Muslims were trying to take over the running of them.

Now inspectors have been to Park View Academy talking to teachers and pupils and seeing whether things have changed.
In a statement Ofsted have told us: "Every school placed in special measures by Ofsted is subject to a regular series of monitoring visits by HM Inspectors to check that the problems identified in the original inspection are being addressed.
"During yesterday's visit to Park View, the inspection team met the acting executive principal and the trustees to assess whether the school's improvement plan is starting to tackle the key areas for improvement.

During the visit the Chief Inspector at Ofsted, Sir Michael Wilshaw, talked to pupils and teachers to find out their views on what had changed at the school since the last inspection.
At a separate meeting later in the day, Sir Michael also met senior officials from Birmingham City Council for an update on the actions the local authority is taking to address the issues highlighted in the inspection findings.
Sir Michael Wilshaw said:
"What Ofsted found when we inspected a number of Birmingham schools earlier this year was deeply worrying. I know that parents, children and teachers want these schools to get back on their feet as quickly as possible.
"As Chief Inspector, I have given an undertaking to ensure Ofsted is doing everything it can to make sure the problems we identified - especially around leadership and governance - are being urgently tackled so that pupils can receive the good, safe and well-rounded education they deserve.
"At the same time, we remain vigilant and will respond swiftly in Birmingham or elsewhere to any concerns over a school's curriculum or governors abusing their position. This will include using our existing powers to mount no notice inspections where necessary."