How will you Benefit?

2 out of 3 people living on low incomes in the UK aren't aware they can claim IN-work benefits

A survey by Turn2us has found 89% of people who've had a recent cut in their hours or pay aren't claiming what they're entitled to.

Tax credits for example are payments made by the government to help families with the cost of living.

9 out of 10 families who have children can get tax credits, but you don't need to have children to claim. You may also be able to claim if you are employed (working), but are on a low income.


Financial expert Annie Shaw says it's worth finding out if you're eligible...

"It can depend on how many hours you work, how many children you have, how much money you get...there's no shame in it...if you're struggling you should look into what you are entitlted to and go out and get it!"

You maybe able to obtain information directly & independently by writing to the HMRC Tax Credit office.

Alternatively, you can get answers to your questions directly by calling the HMRC Tax Credit Office on 0844 496 6510 .