Fizzy Drink Helps Catch Kingstanding Bus Stabber

28 March 2019, 09:16

Knife crime

A teenager has been jailed for the stabbing of a 16 year old boy on a Kingstanding bus.

The attack happened in November 2018, when the victim was accused of staring at the teenager.

The 17 year old, who can't be named for legal reasons, then launched into a viscious attack on his victim, stabbing him once in the chest.

Members of the public helped to perform first aid until paramedics arrived, it was later found that the knife narrowly missed his heart after it was plunged into his lung.

Once police arrived at the scene, the defendant had fled the scene but he was later caught by a can of fizzy drink.

Traces of his DNA were left on the can he'd been drinking from before the attack, and left on one of the seats.

On Friday 22 March he was sentenced for three years after pleading guilty to wounding and possession of a knife.

Detective Constable Andrew Moore said: "The level of violence used is as extreme as it is worrying, in my mind the offender had no regard for the victim’s life. Behaviour like this is totally unacceptable and has no place in our society.

"The victim suffered a punctured lung and required emergency surgery. Although he has since made a full physical recovery he is still dealing with the psychological effects of the attack and I hope that this sentence brings him some peace of mind.”

The ruling comes as The Home Office launched a new, national campaign to reduce knife crime"