Birmingham Man To Pay Back Millions in Tax Or Face More Jail Time

14 April 2015, 14:48 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Capital's been told a Birmingham man who dodged tax when he built a Buckingham Palace style mansion must pay back £2 million - or face a decade long jail term.

Mohammed Suleman Khan built the property in Pakistan boasting its own cinema, library, servant’s quarters and guard house for a security team.

He was jailed last year after West Midlands Police discovered he’d cheated the taxman to the tune of around £450,000.

The 41-year-old claimed to run a debt-collecting firm and had an annual income of £40,000 - but detectives found he’d funded a luxury life-style by evading tax and national insurance over a nine-year period.

Last April Khan, who lived in a gated property in Edgbaston, was jailed for four years.

And at Liverpool Crown Court last week he was ordered to pay £2,209,090 back or have an additional ten years added to his prison sentence.