Ambulance Attacked In Castle Bromwich

29 March 2019, 12:12 | Updated: 29 March 2019, 12:18

Ambo window

An ambulance has been attacked in Castle Bromwich as it responded to a 999 call.

It happened on Thursday 28th March just before 9pm on Collector Road and the crew, who were travelling on blue lights, were unhurt.

They were travelling to a patient with breathing difficulties and a second ambulance was immediately sent out.

West Midlands Ambulance Service say the damaged ambulance has been taken off the road and is waiting for repair, which is expected to cost hundreds of pounds.

Emergency Services Operations Delivery Director, Nathan Hudson, said: "It is incredibly frustrating to once again find ourselves questioning why on earth somebody would want to do this to an ambulance.

"Not only that, but given it was using blue lights at the time, whoever did this could clearly see it was responding to an emergency, what if it had been on the way to one of their family members or rushing a loved one to hospital?

"We're now faced with a vehicle being out of service, a repair bill and not forgetting the horrible nature of this incident for the staff involved. I am extremely thankful that no-one was hurt."