Niall Horan Hits Back At Fan Who Says 'We Need To Appreciate' His Bum More

19 December 2019, 17:04

Niall Horan replied to a fan's tweet about his bum
Niall Horan replied to a fan's tweet about his bum. Picture: PA

Niall Horan has made it clear he wants his fans to focus on his musical talents rather than his physical appearance.

Niall Horan has hit back at a fan who said we should be drawing more attention to his bum.

The 'Nice To Meet Ya' singer responded to the clip posted of him on stage with the caption: "We need to appreciate Niall’s butt more smh," and he wasn't happy.

Niall Horan's Hip Thrust On Stage Has Sent Fans Into Meltdown

He wrote back, saying: "Yeh I agree. We need to forget about my songwriting, musicianship, creative being and just really focus on my ar*e [sic]."

Clearly apologetic, the fan said: "JXBSJSBSJ I AM KIDDING I LOVE YOUU [sic]," and others were quick to comment on the awkward tweets.

One penned: "IM LAUGHING SO HARD ARE YOU OKAY," while another said: "why he gotta drag you like that."

Although some had jumped to her defence, the fan claimed she had been receiving hateful DMs, adding: "Why am I getting so much hate in my dms for saying this, I’m obviously joking and Niall knows that, leave me alone I’m sensitive."

This comes after the One Direction hitmaker addressed his viral hip thrust on stage that sent fans into meltdown.

After performing at Premios Telehit festival in Mexico during 'Slow Hands' in front of 65,000 people, he admitted he's a little embarrassed about the whole thing, despite the fact it went viral!

Speaking on the Carrie and Tommy show whilst over in Australia, the Irish star said: "Apparently my hip thrust went viral!"

"I just got a bit excited about the fact that there were about 65k people in front of me! I don’t know if I’ll be doing that again."

Any die hard Niall fan will know this isn't the first hit thrust he's pulled on stage, far from, he's been quietly perfecting the craft throughout his time in the band and continued it long into his solo career, so much so, we'd say it's now officially his 'thing.'

We're sure fans can't wait for more of his moves on his upcoming 2020 tour with Lewis Capaldi!

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