Niall Horan's Hip Thrust On Stage Has Sent Fans Into Meltdown

14 November 2019, 11:50 | Updated: 14 November 2019, 14:45

Niall's hip thrust on stage sends fans into meltdown
Niall's hip thrust on stage sends fans into meltdown. Picture: Getty Images/Telehit

Niall Horan has demonstrated the most perfect hip thrust in existence and fans are losing it.

Believe us, Niall Horan wasn't messing around with his latest stage performance at a festival in Mexico.

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The One Direction star was performing at Premios Telehit and it was one moment in particular, right during the middle of 'Slow Hands', that has sent fans around the world into meltdown.

As the singer came to the end of the first chorus, something took over him. We're not sure exactly what happened but the Irish popstar and golf enthusiast managed something we've never seen before... the most perfect hip thrust we ever saw.

He didn't even sing the words 'slow hands'. Niall left it to the crowd in Mexico to complete the chorus as he stood his ground, angled his hips back and thrust like no man has thrust before.

Unsurprisingly, the moment caused quite the reaction from fans on Twitter...

It's not even the first time Niall has chosen to hip thrust during the song on stage. A clip has resurfaced from April when Niall thrust his hips just metres away from fans in the front row at one of his concerts.

Louis Tomlinson was performing alongside Niall at the show in Mexico City, which saw Billie Eilish pick up a bunch of awards on the night - including Best English Song for her single 'Bad Guy'.

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