WATCH: Liam Payne Talks One Direction, X Factor, Cheryl & Bear On 'Origins'

14 December 2019, 16:16

Liam Payne's decade has been a timeline of incredible moments, this is fact. So incredible in fact, that we had to sit down with the man himself to talk about it.

Liam Payne's decade in the spotlight has been well documented. Whether it's being in the biggest boyband in the entire world or becoming a father, Liam has taken everything in his stride and excelled whilst doing so.

So, when the 'Strip That Down' singer joined us for Capital's Jingle Bell Ball, we couldn't wait to speak to him about everything that's happened in the last 10 years.

Liam Payne Just Watched Harry Styles Perform One Direction At The Jingle Bell Ball

Liam Payne Jingle Bell Ball performance
Liam Payne Jingle Bell Ball performance. Picture: Capital

With his first ever solo album 'LP1' finally available, Liam's been able to take a step back and revisit everything that has led up to this point. From auditioning on the X Factor to gracing the Jingle Bell Ball stage, Liam's proven for the last 10 years that hard work not only pays off but shows.

Be sure to check out Liam's full performance from Capital's Jingle Bell Ball as well as his other videos including 'Finish The Lyric' and 'Quizface'.

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