Channing Tatum Is The Ultimate ‘Supportive Boyfriend’ As He Joins Jessie J On 'Rock In Rio' Stage As Her Photographer

30 September 2019, 11:27

Channing Tatum is Jessie J's number one fan
Channing Tatum is Jessie J's number one fan. Picture: Instagram

Channing Tatum got on stage with his girlfriend, Jessie J, and filmed her up-close during her 'Rock in Rio' performance.

Channing Tatum has been branded a ‘supportive boyfriend’ by fans after he joined his girlfriend, Jessie J on stage to take photos during her ‘Rock in Rio’ performance.

The ‘Bang Bang’ singer was headlining the Brazilian music festival as Channing wasted no time in being her biggest fan during the show.

Jessie J Debuted A Love Song All About Channing Tatum & He Was In The Audience

During Jessie’s 'Sexy Lady' set, Channing was seen following the star with a camera, filming close ups, as well as fixing her hair for her.

Fans took to Twitter to praise the ‘Magic Mike’ actor, following a string of videos that emerged of the couple.

One fan wrote: “During Jessie J’s performance tonight in Rio, Channing Tatum made various appearances as her photographer. A man of many talents.”

“Date someone who fixes your hair in the middle of your show like Channing Tatum did with Jessie J,” added another.

According to a tabloid, the 39-year-old actor also had a special lens on his smart phone which allowed him to take professional photos of his girlfriend.

This isn’t the first time he’s been Jessie’s number one fan, as he was pictured recently in the crowd at her Los Angeles performance, clapping behind fans.

During the sold-out performance in LA, Jessie also performed a song that she had written about the ‘Step Up’ actor, where she sang: “Where you go I want to follow, let’s make a promise today. Let’s be still, just stay calm, so we’re not rushing what we are. Pressure on, just have fun, it’s not a race no need to run.

“If It’s forever, let’s simply be in love.”

The couple, who have been dating since October last year, have also reportedly recently moved in together in Suffolk.

Even though they have tried to keep their relationship lowkey, fans are so here for their cute relationship and so are we!

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