Who Is Halsey Dating? From Ex Boyfriends Evan Peters & Yungblud To Alev Aydin - Who The Pregnant Pop Star Has Been Linked To

27 January 2021, 17:50 | Updated: 27 January 2021, 18:27

Halsey is pregnant with her first baby and rumours have circulated she's dating Alev Aydin.
Halsey is pregnant with her first baby and rumours have circulated she's dating Alev Aydin. Picture: PA/Instagram

Does Halsey have a boyfriend? Who are the pregnant star's exes? Here's everything you need to know about her dating timeline from Evan Peters and Yungblud to Alev Aydin.

Halsey was famously in a relationship with American Horror Story star Evan Peters from the end of 2019 but they called it quits near the start of 2020 and she's now expecting her first baby with boyfriend Alev Aydin.

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Evan isn't the only famous face she's been linked to in the past – the pregnant 'Without Me' singer has dated a host of musicians, producers and rappers - check out who the mother-to-be has been linked to, from Matty Healy to Yungblud.

Halsey is reportedly dating Alev Aydin
Halsey is reportedly dating Alev Aydin. Picture: Instagram

Halsey and Alev Aydin

The songstress announced on January 27 that she's pregnant with her first baby with a stunning post on Instagram, confirming Alev Aydin is the father of her baby tagging him in her baby bump pictures.

They have been linked for some time after they were pictured picking up art supplies together back in October 2020.

Halsey is yet to publicly address their relationship but she did reply to his comment on her baby announcement that she "loves him" and their "mini human already".

Halsey and Matty Healy

Halsey and Matty Healy.
Halsey is said to have dated Matty Healy. Picture: Instagram

Halsey and Matty Healy from The 1975 dated in 2015 and it's widely suspected her song 'Colors' was written about him while her debut EP, 'Room 93', was named after a hotel room the pair had spent a night in.

Halsey also previously told Billboard, "I spent a lot of time watching him and he spent a lot of time loving being watched. But if you think he's the first red-wine-­drinking, pretty-boy rocker in skinny jeans I've been associated with, you're out of your f**king mind."

Halsey and Lido

Halsey and Lido.
Halsey and Lido even wrote songs about one another. Picture: Getty

Halsey dated the Norwegian producer between 2015 and 2016 and revealed her album, 'Hopeless Fountain Kingdom' was inspired by their relationship.

She told Rolling Stone: "I had killed off a version of myself just so we could make our love work. Sometimes you're in a relationship for so long and you become a different person. You lose yourself because you change for that person.

"I put the seal on that relationship and fully purged myself of the feelings for that person at the same time as I finished my record."

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Halsey and Jared Leto

Jared Leto and Halsey.
Jared Leto and Halsey were spotted getting close at Coachella. Picture: Snapchat - Diplo

Halsey and Jared were spotted getting close at Coachella in 2016 after photos emerged of them cuddling up together. The couple were then seen on Diplo's Snapchat wearing matching outfits to the Met Gala, but nothing much was ever heard of their relationship after that.

Halsey and Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly and G Eazy.
Machine Gun Kelly and Halsey shared plenty of adorable couple snaps together. Picture: Instagram

Halsey and Machine Gun Kelly met on the set of Roadies, and the couple had a low-key relationship but were often pictured together, including on holiday in Mexico where MGK shared a photo of them together on the beach.

Things soured between them when MGK and G Eazy aimed diss tracks at each other, centred on a feud about Halsey.

Halsey and G Eazy

Halsey and G Eazy.
Halsey and G Eazy have had a complicated relationship. Picture: Instagram

Halsey and G Eazy started dating in 2017 before the release of their sexy duet 'Him & I' and often shared pictures and posts about each other on social media. The couple confirmed their split in July 2018 when Halsey posted a note to her fans reading, "I normally keep this kind of thing private but provided our public nature I feel the need to inform my fans. G-Eazy and I are taking some apart.

"I'm eager to continue the upcoming passage of time dedicating myself to my art and my career, and the duration of my tour. I wish him the best. Thanks for respecting our privacy at this time."

The couple got back together shortly after but split again in October 2018.

Halsey and Yungblud

Halsey dated Yungblud.
Halsey dated Yungblud. Picture: Getty

Halsey and her British bae had been hanging out since around November 2018, when she slid into Yungblud's DMs with just her phone number and a black heart. The couple were photographed kissing several times and even released a song, '11 Minutes' together.

Their relationship went from strength to strength, before splitting in September 2019.

Halsey and Evan Peters

Halsey is currently dating Evan Peters
Halsey is currently dating Evan Peters. Picture: Instagram

Halsey starting dating American Horror Story actor, Evan Peters, in October 2019, shortly after splitting from Yungblud.

She had been spotted going on dates with him, including to LA theme park, Six Flags Magic Mountain, in September.

A month later, she debuted her new man on Instagram after they attended AHS's 100th episode red carpet event together.

However, toward the start of 2020 she removed a number of photos of him from her Instagram page so fans assumed they'd split.

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