999 Eastenders Fight Call- AUDIO

West Yorkshire Police released 999 Eastenders Brawl phone audio.

West Yorkshire Police are telling people not to abuse the 999 emergency number after a caller rang it to report a fight between 2 TV soap characters.

The man rang 999 saying he’d seen a fight between Stacey Slater and Archie Mitchell in the 2009 Eastenders Christmas special episode.

Police have released the audio to try to stop people ringing 999 unless it’s a real emergency.

Eastenders 999 Call

They say they get calls like these all the time, In another call a woman asked for the operator to pass her phone number onto film star Mark Wahlberg while other people have asked for the time, played music down the line and even sung to operators.

West Yorkshire Police are reminding people to dial 101 when making non-emergency calls to officers and not to abuse the 999 emergency number.

West Yorkshire Police began using 101 in November, but some members of the public continue to call the old number.

Mark Milsom, assistant chief constable for specialist operations, said: “The festive period is one of the busiest times of the year…………..officers should not be wasting time dealing with inappropriate calls instead of genuine emergencies.

“One in 10 of the calls to the 999 number taken by West Yorkshire Police throughout the year should have either gone to another organisation or to the new 101 number.”